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We organize, price and manage a professional, retail-style estate sale that gets your home cleared in less than two weeks. 


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What Makes Solace Special?

With each estate sale, we invest in marketing over all of our social media platforms to reach thousands of viewers and buyers. We have a marketing and advertising specialist who captures and promotes your assets as much as possible. The results show in our sales numbers
​​Our certified appraiser has over 40 years experience specializing in art and fine collectibles. You can trust your high-end items will be priced accordingly.
Yes, we will do a full clean-out after each sale. We are unique in that we work closely with local community outreach centers to help specific individuals in need. We believe in sustainability, giving back and repurposing items, rather than just dumping them. 

We don't just hire anyone. We have a very educated team using their degrees and work experience to ensure each sale is a great success. So often we hear how wonderful our sales are because of the environment we create. We love what we do.


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January 2023
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Westwood Village
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